Our mission

To enjoy table tennis together on all levels.

Our values

Embrace diversity and multiculturalism and create a sense of belonging.


Player with 13+ nationalities. For all ages. A safe place for all underrepresented groups.


Multinational teams. Participation with refugee groups. International exchange.


Coaching on the highest level. Clinics for schools and companies. Open tournaments accessible for everyone.

Founder and trainer

Mark Smith mark@pingpongalkmaar.nl

Our board team

Rob van der Horst rob@pingpongalkmaar.nl Ingrid van der Horst ingrid@pingpongalkmaar.nl Fleur van Holstfleur@pingpongalkmaar.nl Peter Stoop peter@pingpongalkmaar.nl



Address: Tochtwaard 18, 1824 EZ Alkmaar, Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)6 81362917 Email: info@pingpongalkmaar.nl