We're allowed again!

It's time! 

After nearly  8 weeks of silence we can start training again!

We are very happy to be able to get back together to do sports, although everything will look different from what we are used to. 

We have had to present Alkmaar Council with a plan on how we propose to give corona-safe training, and for this we have to as a sport vereniging comply with quite a few rules. It is important to realise that we cannot enforce these rules alone. You (both the parents and the players) must help us in this. That is why we ask you to read the rules and documents which you will find attached carefully and to stick to them. 

Only by working together can we continue the training and hopefully work towards a return to the indoor lessons!

 In this email and the attachment you will find information about what is involved in the new way of training, starting with a brief overview of the most important points. 

In short :

·        Training courses start again on Wednesday 13 May.  See details below.

·        The training times have been adjusted and we had to divide the group into 2 groups based on age. See details below .

·        We are not allowed to train indoors, so there will be adapted training on the outside field. See details below

·        The sportshall is closed so change into your outdoor sports gear at home and go to the toilet. In an emergency, the key to the toilet can be requested from the corona supervisor. It is mandatory to have one extra adult (corona supervisor) who supervises compliance with the rules during the sessions. In principle, this is Ingrid or someone else from the board. If this fails, a volunteer will be sought among the parents. Hopefully we can count on you! 

·        If you want to attend a session you have to sign up in advance (day/evening before). Attending training means that you stick to the new rules (see attachment of this mail)

New training times: 

Wednesday 15.30-16.30:  Players up to 12 years old 

Wednesday 16.45-17.45:  Players 13-17 years old 

Friday 15.30-16.30:            Players up to 12 years old
Friday 16.45-17.45:            Players 13-17 years old

Adapted training: 

Of course we want to offer as much table tennis as possible. Unfortunately, table tennis as we practice it is not an outdoor sport; the weather easily throws a spanner in the works with wind and / or rain. This can make table tennis completely impossible, but can also cause irritation if we cannot perform the exercises as we want. In these cases Mark will organize alternative sports activities that sometimes have a lot to do with table tennis, but it can also be badminton, jogging, a game of frizbee or a playing some football. The most important thing is is that we come together again as a sportsclub and that our player will exercise again in groups.

We would like to ask you all to carefully read the attached 'game rules', it all sounds strict, but we really have to be in these strange times.

If there are any questions regarding the above or attached document, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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